Percy Middlesbrough

Don't throw it away, use it another way

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Do you own or work for a company that may have something that Percy could use ?


We are looking to expand our suppliers especially if your company offers something unique or different that we don't already have.


At Percy part of our mission is to educate people about their waste. It really is true that one persons waste is anothers treasure !


If you think you may have something of interest to us contact us and we will come to you for free to assess your waste.

How Can I Help?

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Do you have anything you could keep and send to Percy rather than send to landfill ?


Have you got a cupboard full of goodies that you don't use ?


Do you have spare time on your hands ? We are always looking for volunteers whether its a couple of hours one off or you are available to help regularly. We have a variety of ways you could help; we'd even love it if you could just come down and make display items for others to see how to use our resources.


If you can help then contact us or pop in store.