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What is a creative reuse centre ?


As a reuse centre we collect clean business waste

and by-products which is assessed for its suitability and then distribute them as low cost arts and craft resources to our members . When you visit us, you'll find a wide variety of items from tubes to jars, shiny paper to foam pieces, whatever your project we're sure we'll have something that you can use ! To protect us and our suppliers we run on a membership system whereby you pay an annual fee and then pay a charge each time you take something away. We are open to everyone including families, scouts, guides, schools and nurseries and we have no boundaries, wherever you live, you are welcome at Percy!

Percy Middlesbrough is a community interest company which aims to provide Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas with a scrapstore, now known as a creative reuse centre; a resource which has been missed greatly since the previous scrapstore closed down in 2006.


We are a not for profit organisation which means all funds raised are ploughed back into the project which is fully staffed by unpaid volunteers


About us

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